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The New England Saint Bernard Club has moved to.


You will be redirected to the new site in 10 seconds.

Bob Carter designed the new club website which can be found at  Bob, Bill and Laura Gordon, and Tom Pollard will be continuously putting more new information on this site and keeping it up to date.  I want to thank Bill and Laura Gordon for doing the lion’s share of the work in populating the website.  Plans for the site includes:  members only section, photographs and videos of our Saints, past issues of the Sentinel, and upcoming club events, to name a few.  The site has information about the breed and will be beneficial to people looking for information about Saint Bernard's.  We hope to have the club store up in the near future were you can purchase club items as well as enter our specialty shows.  You will be able to pay for club items and entry fees as well as pay your annual dues directly through our site using Pay Pal.  Notification will be sent out as soon as this is available. 

Through our website we will be trying a forum page. Our hope is that by using a forum format, our members who participate in the Internet forum, can build bonds with each other and share interests around the Saint Bernard. The forums can also be used to keep track of information and storage of advice giving by our members. The forum can be found at  Click on the NESBC Forum Page link


Soon members will receive password to access private areas of the website to have access to club information not available to the public which includes membership information, and correspondence among members.

We have been working on the website for over a year, we are real excited about our new website and its upgrade. We hope that you will visit the website often.  We would love to hear your comments and/or concerns.


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